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Theo+Theo launch generative brand for BrainChild Academy

Awards: AGDA – Technological Innovation: Gold

The classrooms that created the brand

In the information era children need skills in creativity, leadership, innovation and confidence. Children need to learn to be creators of innovation, not just consumers. Brainchild Academy was created to deliver in class tangible experiences for children with hands on, play based learning, which are fun and inspiring. As a startup enterprise, Brainchild needed help to develop a brand, name, positioning, and all brand touchpoints.

The BrainChild brand is created in the classroom, by the students. Creating the brand becomes a learning activity which allows children to experiment with creativity and technology. The identity consists of a framework or blueprint, which is then filled with illustrations which are created by the children using a generative art tool (created using Processing, an open source computer programming language). The resulting art is captured as vector files, which can be later used in brand collateral, or dropped into 3D mesh templates for building activities. Using the tool inspires kids interested in coding, as they can see the code interface and the mechanic used to create and capture the illustrations.

Using technology, we created the shortest possible distance between the experience in the classrooms, and the brand.

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