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Theo+Theo rebrand fintech innovation leaders Stone & Chalk

Born out of a desire to propel Australian fintech startups to success on the global stage, Stone & Chalk gained rapid momentum from the moment they launched their organisation. Their original, somewhat rudimentary brand wasn’t up to the task of representing the respected global player they quickly became. The brand needed to grow up fast, with a new positioning and identity to reflect the outspoken challenger values of the company.

Our positioning ‘founders of tomorrow’ sets the tone for the brand, and creates a mission statement. The name harks back to the cornerstone of innovation – that some things are set in stone, while the rest is written in chalk. We created a simple visual metaphor for ‘stone’ and ‘chalk’, and a bold, sharp tone of voice which reflects their role as thought and category leaders. Since its launch, the re-brand enabled Stone & Chalk to secure top corporate sponsors, and led to the creation of a new tech fintech innovation hub in Melbourne. It is a pivotal part of the redesign of two new properties, which in 2018 will support over 700 entrepreneurs.



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