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Theo+Theo create gender-bending identity for disruptive London fashion house Thomas Thomas

Mainstream fashion predominantly subscribes to binary and outmoded notions of gender. Thomas Thomas was set up to challenge the norms of what women can and should wear, by creating bespoke tailored menswear for women. As a startup, Thomas Thomas needed help to develop a brand, positioning, and all brand touchpoints. They wanted to create a brand identity that reflected the core values of their customers – culturally intelligent women, strong in opinion and conviction, sexy in wardrobe and life.

The identity conveys a fluid notion of gender illustrating the idea that you can reflect a feminine side or masculine side; that gender is a changing state. Our subtly subversive tone of voice conveys the brand attitude and challenger positioning. It strikes a chord with customers around the world who write to the brand daily to say how delighted they are to have finally found a brand dedicated to bridging the gap between menswear and womenswear. It has helped the brand gain traction with the press and secure placement at both NYC and London fashion weeks.

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