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UTS engages Theo+Theo to create university’s first artificially intelligent CUI

Theo+Theo work with UTS Business Practice to create AI.

UTS Business Practice has engaged Theo+Theo to help create an innovative Conversational User Interface (CUI) for its digital channels. As the pattern of communicating with people and computers is blending in messaging or voice interaction, UTS is living up to its technology monicker seeking to push the boundaries of its website and interactive properties.

For those interested in the potential of CUI Medium user and founder of Piccsy has written a great intro. Except below:

“The user interface that you’re familiar with today is called a Graphical User Interface (GUI) and was popularized by Xerox, Apple and Microsoft during the 1980s. Early computers were exclusively text-based, which meant that your primary interaction with a machine was a cryptic, highly-coded experience that involved typing basic commands onto a screen like the one pictured above.

Now consider a possible alternative:

How nice would it be to type “Reservation for five people @ Momofuku 7pm” into your phone?

This is the power of an emerging development known as the Conversational User Interface (CUI), and it’s helped us realize that sometimes it can be easier to have a conversation with a computer than it is to tap, swipe and bungle our way through a poorly executed user experience.”

Stay tuned for more.

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